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Trigger Happy

Violently Happy

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otsikko tai kuvaus
Turk / Level 68 / Shotgun /

Hi this is meh, Samantha De Luca!(miss Samantha for you) One of the great Turks and brilliant hunter. I like candy, hunting and my gun. What I don't like is when people bossy me around or tell me what do. If you wanna know more, ask.

Full name: Samantha De Luca
Nickname: Sam, Ojou-chan (translation: "Young lass")
Sex: Female
Hair colour: Blond brown
Eye colour: Green
Weapons: Shotgun
Current level: 67 68
Powers/skills: Excellent hunter
Weaknesses/disadvantages: Says always what she has in her mind, selfish, doesn't like minor missions, likes to demolish stuff, doesn't always pay attention, spends gil faaaster you can say "Turkish delight"
Personality: Flashy, loves to be the center of the attention, melodramatic, confident, loud and sometimes selfish.
Family: Daddy
Marital status: Single
Hometown: Mideel
Behaviour: Daddy's girl, flashy, cheerful, loud
Fears: That something might happen to Daddy, water (doesn't know how to swim)
Motivations (what makes you tick): Hunting
History: Used to work in Turks but got bored and left to visit her home town and to do some own missions. Now she's back.

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